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  • Message from our CEO

    Thank you for your interest in joining our International Network of Real Estate Professionals who are dedicated to improving their Local Communities.

    By joining our Real Estate Referral Network you will gain access to real estate buyers and sellers of properties based on the information you provide in this application. Our in-depth matching process helps improve conversion rates, saving you time and money working with your next Real Estate Client.

    Referrals From Local, REALTORS®
    Everyday we're contacted by consumers seeking to purchase or sell a property. As a partner in our network, you will gain access to these referrals along with a dedicated client relations team manager who will help you call and convert referrals sent to you from our network!

    Your Referrals to Network Partners
    If you are seeking to refer one of your clients to another agent outside your market area of speciality, you can send them through our referral network! We will setup the referral agreements, place your referrals with another approved partner, and follow up to make sure your client is satisfied.

    To receive and send real estate referrals through our networks, we require you to accept our Master Real Estate Referral Agreement. Once you accept, we will send you a copy for your records, and we will also notify you, from time to time, of any additional referrals made to your brokerage.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


    Patrick A. Hale
    Founder & Broker of Record
    Local, REALTORS®