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Expired Letter
A one page letter to expired listings.
47 Ways to sell your home faster
A 2 page seller guide outlining 47 Ways to sell your home faster.
In this Free Guide, you’ll learn how: 5 minutes can make or break qualifying an online lead Miss...
Making the proper updates to a home each season is a proactive way to avoid large repairs down th...
Home buying process
A sample presentation on the home buying process.
Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 3.31.42 PM.png
A one page bullet point guide for sellers on Prepping for an Inspection
How to Expand Your Real Estate Brand on this Professional Social Network In this Free Guide, you’...
The American dream of home ownership doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Share this customizable guid...
Asking for referrals
Business Letter template for Asking for referrals
For-sale-by-owner prospecting
A business letter template for For-sale-by-owner prospecting
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