5 Ways to Sell Your House Fast

published: May 22, 2018

You want to sell your home quickly and maximize your profit. Totally understandable. Unfortunately, there’s a handful of things that people miss that are vital in making that great home sale. But don’t worry! Below are a couple tips that should assist you in the sale of your Asheville home. Read on to level-up on the competition.

1. Make a Clean Sweep
Cleaning up is an important step is often overlooked by house sellers. During open houses, make sure that everything is sparkling clean. Any messes and grime can make potential buyers feel that the house is worth less than your asking price or deter them altogether.

2. Become a Minimalist
We’re not suggesting you turn your lifestyle upside down. However, there are big advantages to reducing your belongings while your home is being shown. Minimizing items in rooms allows for your space to appear larger and allows buyers to imagine their own belongings in the home.

3. Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal
What the first thing a prospective buyer will see when they come to an open house? The front yard of course! Make a sold first impressions by doing some important outside maintenance. Start by taking anything off the yard that doesn’t belong there (we’re looking at you toys and bikes). Mow the lawn, trim any hedges and do some light weeding. Lastly, if you power wash the exterior of the home and the sidewalks, then you should be good to go!

4. Make Little Improvements
Interestingly, small improvement projects can make a relatively large impact on prospective buyers. If you’ve decided to add a fresh coat of paint to walls with a jarring color, choose a warm and neutral tone. The same principle helps with curtains, pillows and other accessories. Understated colors and patterns will help keep the focus on the space. Go the extra mile and swap out old hardware on cabinets for new and modern ones. Try adding fresh flowers from your yard to add an element of natural brightness to any room. You’ll be surprised at how these small improvements make a world of difference!

5. Sell To a Home Investor
Maybe all these improvements feel a little overwhelming. That can definitely be the case if your home is in need of major repairs. If this is true for you, don’t worry. You can still still sell your house fast! Consider selling to a cash buyer. They purchase homes in as-is condition. You can leave all the repairs to them and avoid real estate agent fees and commissions. Many of them will be able to close on your home in less than 10 days.

Good luck and happy selling!