zillow real estate platform

Understanding the Zillow Platform

A) If you have ever browsed around these websites and noticed all the buttons, you may have realized a section which allows any user to edit an unclaimed listing. These are listings that usually have been syndicated to the website by 3rd party companies like listhub or point2, however, an agent may either not be using the same email from their mls as the one on their ad network profile, they don’t have an ad network profile or the listing failed to link to their profile. If any of these happen, another user (doesn’t need to be an agent) could claim the listing, make edits or capture consumers information through leads.


Step 1) If you’re syndicating listings to these advertising websites, find the listings on the sites and claim the listing if it is not yet attached to your profile.

Step 2) Google search the address and find the listings on these websites. Many times they create multiple entries and sometimes even when you think you have claimed your listing, there is a 2nd one you’re not seeing.

B) You may also have noticed that when you go to input a listing on the ad network websites, there is no validation of who you are or that you have the right to even list a property. This allows anyone the ability to create a fake account, list your home for sale or rent, capture consumers information and scam or re-sell that information to other parties.


Step 1) …………. Unless these sites change, there’s not much that can be done. (Please comment below if you have tips)