San Clemente CA More Restaurants In our Beach Town

San Clemente CA More Restaurants In our Beach Town

San Clemente Ca Homes And Beach Real Estate, Places To Dine How About San Clemente Pier Photo By Mary Stanley This Photo is of San Clemente fromthe peir. Fishermans Restaurant is a must  for any visit to San Clemente CA. If your shopping on Avenia Del Mar boutiques, looking to buy a home and see real estate for sale by the beach in San Clemente, Fishermans is great to sit on the ocean front and have a Bucket of Clams, or their infamous Smoked Fish.The Amtrak actually has a stop at the peir and one North at North Beach and the walking trail along the beach front can be accessed to walk fromthere to the Pier. So, San Clemente is getting a big Outlet Store Facility. Yes. Also a Golf Course and Hotel as part of the development finished later this year. The train stop is right near it by North Beach so that will grand to easily access the Outlets for shopping and dining by the beach. Nice to have Those type of Outlets close to the beach in San Clemente. San Clemente use to be a sleepy little middle class beach town with world class surf spots, but limited dining and shopping, well that has changed ! Downtown has many great Dining flavors for ones palate, from Sushi to Thai food, to Italian and Tina and Vinces Deli is like going into a deli in Italy, it smells so good walking in. Grab some goodies for the beach picnic there.The thing is, many food spots close at 8pm. Yes, the streets fold in at 8pm and I wish the retailers and diners would leave their establishments open later in Downtown San Clemente. Homes For Sale In San Clemente are a great location to all and becoming a commodity I think, with 35 years of residency here, with the Outlets going in. There is one Realtor who is the only one in San Clemente and forty mile radius thereof, who is a brokerage exclusive only to the home buyer side. Yes. Home buyers do not have the worry of Dual Agency with a traditional office and get a showing experience to see homes based on that full time service and loyalty. If your coming to San Clemente or nearby cities by the beach, Buyers Only Coastal Realty is there to help and also offers Real Estate Tours to see the area if you not exactly buying a home now, and would like a tour combined with seeing homes, that is set up though Talega Executive Transportation. for more info and Email us: for a list of restaurants or specific questions or respond back on the blog, much more information is available for you and hope to see you in the “Village By The Sea…San Clemente CA In Orange County soon !


Suzanne Hefni-Pyle

Buyer”s Only Coastal Realty Exclusive Buyers Agent serving all Orange and San Diego County home buyers. BOCR is only office in forty mile radius of base in San Clemente CA who can use the term Exclusive Buyers Agent – authenticated as a member of NAEBA (National Association Of Exclusive Buyers Agents ) guarantees the buyers of real estate that this firm will never cross over working for a sellers interest or list homes. We protect home buyers from the perils of Dual Agency that occurs when a real estate office works both sides of the fence at the same time, buyers and sellers. We guarantee full time home buyer service- loyalty and 100% full time service – since we never list homes or work for sellers and besides 25 year Realtor membership, we are validated by NAEBA who have strict guidelines about its members not listing homes ever. We show homes with an unbiased approach to the home seller and we show any home on the market no matter what office has it listed, only working in the home buyers interest. Suzanne Hefni-Pyle is the founder-broker and designations of ABR-ALHS and NAEBA. Realtor.

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