This seller’s agent has been a nightmare, we had to hound her for a week and a half just to get into the home (after which she cursed our agent out stating to only contact her through email, no calls or text which we respected). After discussing it we decided we wanted to put an offer in but we wanted to get a better look at the basement, per her request we sent only emails to request another viewing she ignored our request for another two weeks before finally getting back to us and stating that the house was undergoing last minute renovations but wouldn’t give us a time line. Our agent continues to check in only by email with no response until this Monday when the agent told us there would be an open house on Thursday but refused to disclose a time and once today rolled around she ignored every call, text and email from our agent then hours later she sends an email stating the open house is now on Saturday. Is the run around she’s giving us legal? Is there anything we can do?