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Bruce Peyton

(844) 467-3253(844) 467-3253
(760) 681-1685(760) 681-1685

My name is Bruce Peyton

I have been a full time real estate agent for over 12 years, the years have gone by quickly and a lot has happened in the Real Estate market, If you are looking for an agent that goes at your pace then look no further, I am an experienced professional (Hands On High End Realtor)

I am well versed with the following:VA Military Transactions, FHA Transactions, Conventional Transactions, Cash 7 day close Transactions. My clients range from first time home buyers, owner occupants, vacation home owners, residential income property investor.

I welcome you to contact me with questions regarding buying, selling or renting in the San Diego area.

I cannot think of another Realtor that will provide the expertise I can provide.

Bruce Peyton is listed in the following categories: Real Estate Agents

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Bruce Peyton's Brokerage & License Information

Brokerage Name: Dream Properties
State Licensed: CA
California Salespersons License #: 1337377
Realtor Member: Yes*

Bruce Peyton's Specialized Communities

PO BOX 600 Solana Beach, CA 92075
Bruce Peyton specializes in the following Zip Codes:
92007 - 92008 - 92009 - 92010 - 92011 - 92014 - 92024 - 92029 - 92054 - 92056 - 92057 - 92058 - 92069

Bruce Peyton's Experience & Skills

Designations/Certifications: REALTOR
Language(s) Spoken: English

Bruce Peyton Business & Work Experience

*NOTE: Bruce Peyton's membership in the National Association of REALTORS® has not been verified. Please check the REALTOR Association website to verify membership.

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