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Antac Pest Control

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Antac Pest Control is your number one exterminator and pest control contractor in the San Diego area. We efficiently handle all types of pest issues so that you can return to normal life activities as quickly as possible. No pests are out of our reach. We use advanced technology solutions to solve every unwanted pest problem may you have.

Experienced Pest Control Technicians

Our service technicians are highly experienced and certified for the work they perform. We put your needs as our number one priority and ensure the safety of your family while we perform our work. Whether you need bee removal, bed bug removal, rodent control, rat control, ant control, animal trapping, gopher and squirrel control or other general exterminator and pest control services we know how to remove your pest problem in the most efficient manner possible.

Termite Control Pros

One of our specialties is termite control. We are the best termite control company in the San Diego area. Our termite inspection team knows exactly what to look for when determining the extent of any termite infestation on your property. Our termite service uses a variety of methods to completely eliminate your termite problem. One method involves termite tenting, where your entire house is completely fumigated to completely destroy the infestations in the wood of your home. In other cases a localized treatment is more appropriate and produces effective results.

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