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When buying a home it is important to have the property inspected by an inspection company with the knowledge and experience of all aspects of construction. Chuck’s career as a General Building Contractor since 1981 provides the critical credential necessary to inspect the structural and mechanical condition of a home.
Chuck earned the title Master Inspector through years of experience and recognition from both State and National Home Inspection Associations.

27 Years General Building Contractor


  • Licensed Building and Construction Contractor
  • Remodeling and Renovations
  • Historical Restoration and Reconstruction
  • Consultant Specialist
  • Certified Advanced Residential Home Inspector

14 Years Commercial Building Contractor


  • Licensed Commercial Building Construction
  • Commercial Tenant Improvement
  • Restaurant Conversions and Remodeling
  • Certified Commercial Inspector

Certified Advanced Residential Home Inspector

Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII)

Certification #AMH5628997539

Teaching Credentials

  • Classroom and Field Instructor

Association Membership and Affiliations 

  • American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
  • California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA)
  • National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI)
  • International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (interNACHI)

Standards of Practice 

Landmark Home Inspection exceeds the Standards of Practice set by every major national and state home inspection organization.

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Company Name: Landmark Home Inspection
State Licensed: California
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Language(s) Spoken: English

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