Publish an Article on the Network

Many of the articles found on the Local, Realtors (LR) network are authored by local real estate experts, many of whom are members of the LR community in some way. When it comes to independently, objectively-derived content, LR is always looking for talented writers to help its audience better understand all of the ins and outs of the real estate market. Whether it’s a how-to article that demonstrates a new (or old!) technique, a thought-provoking analysis of the news trends in the real estate economy, or great reporting of the news about their local real estate market, we’re always on the hunt for those who can help us with our mission of being the official source for local real estate information.

Beyond our independent and objectively-derived content, we also allow for other types of contributions including contributed posts, sponsored content, press releases and “elsewhere on the web” articles:

  • Contributed Posts: A contributed post is where someone from your company, based on their experience and expertise, writes a thought-provoking analysis that doesn’t promote your company’s agenda, products, or services. It should not mention your company or products/services by name (with the exception of where it is mentioned in the author’s bio). Another requirement is that the article is not posted on other Web sites including your company’s own blog. These articles will disclose that they are contributed content and do not represent the opinions or reporting of the LR editorial team.
  • Sponsored Content: Should you wish to write something similar to a contributed post without the restriction of not mentioning your company or its products and services, this option may be better. However, it would have to be a part of a sponsored content program. Sponsored content shows up in our article listings the same way our own articles and contributed posts do. The article clearly discloses that it is a part of a sponsored content program and does not represent the opinions or reporting of the LR editorial team. Though not a requirement, we strongly recommend that the content provider not feature the same content on any other Web site.
  • Elsewhere on the Web:  LR now points to articles on other Web sites that our readers might find useful. These articles can range from good how-to’s on a site like to big real estate news stories on sites like to thought-provoking blogs about the real estate market written by agents or home service providers of the companies we cover.