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Recent Local Neighborhood Reviews

4.2[ Overall Rating 4.00 | Walkability 4.00 | Transportation 4.50 | Bikeability 4.50 | Family Friendly 5.00 | Bachelor 3.00 | Shopping 4.50 | Public Schools 4.50 | Outdoor Activities 4.50 | Cost of Living 1.00 | Jobs 4.00 | Weather 5.00 | Nightlife 4.50 | Crime & Safety 4.00 | Diversity 4.50 | Health & Fitness 5.00 ]
  • Guest reviewed 3 weeks ago
  • last edited 3 weeks ago

Coronado is a safe, beautiful town. Though it is an overall wealthy area, it is also very diverse due to the military presence.

4.7[ Overall Rating 5.00 | Walkability 5.00 | Transportation 5.00 | Bikeability 5.00 | Family Friendly 4.50 | Bachelor 5.00 | Shopping 3.50 ]
  • Guest reviewed 3 years ago

By far one of my favorite places to go out with friends. 30th street in north park is a must visit for food and drinks!

4.1[ Overall Rating 5.00 | Walkability 3.50 | Transportation 3.00 | Bikeability 5.00 | Family Friendly 4.50 | Bachelor 4.00 | Shopping 3.50 ]
  • Guest reviewed 3 years ago

Del mar gives you a little bit of everything. Enjoy Luxury relaxation, shopping, great food and entertainment. Whether you’re walking the streets of downtown del mar to shop or dine, there is something for everyone. 

My 2 favorite things about Del Mar is the beach front dining and the del mar fairgrounds live (free) concerts. I wonderful place to visit or call home.

4.0[ Overall Rating 5.00 | Walkability 3.50 | Transportation 3.00 | Bikeability 3.00 | Family Friendly 5.00 | Bachelor 3.50 | Shopping 5.00 ]
  • Guest reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Out of all the beach communities across the United States, La Jolla is one of my favorite places to live, work and visit.

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