National Real Estate Advertising

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Premium, High-Impact Placements

Looking for maximum exposure in all states? Our nationwide real estate advertising runs across our entire network with target campaigns to consumers as well as B2B exposure in our Brokerage Networks. Get premium placements, high-impact sizing, and targeted delivery.

Targeted Delivery

Our cutting-edge targeting solutions allow you to reach your core audience. Advanced consumer targeting opportunities include:

Female Realtor Showing Couple Interested In Buying Around House
portrait of happy couple getting keys from new home from realtor in office

Home ownership

  • Stable homeowners
  • Pre-market sellers
  • Active sellers
  • Pending sellers
  • Recent movers
  • Active buyers
  • Home renovators

Additional targets

  • Retirees
  • Spanish-speaking
  • Self-employed
  • Day/time/geography
  • Agent/professional
  • Second-home owners
Couple and a realtor

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