Someones using my listing to commit fraud; now what?

Due to the increase in rental scams, we recently asked the following question to the REALTOR community. “We are getting scamers using trulia and craigslist to market our sale listing as a cheap rental…who do I call to report? DRE, FBI?

Here’s what they said:

  • Angie Fuller Hornsby I had that happen to me and I reported it to my local board and also here – its the cybercrimes place

    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home
    The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from…
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  • Pat Foley Flag the ad on craigslist and email trulia about it. Happens more often than you know.
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  • Scott Mees I just went through the same thing! I freaked out when a cop called me to ask me about a rental that had been done in my name and my companies name. I had to go in a speak to the detective and he showed me the photos of the guys and asked me if they work for me. Of course they don’t and I had never met them before and I was cleared, but what a horrible experience.
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  •  Joe Kerouac Nice. So many people forgot about Dre. He’s still the same OG, just been low key…If you have his number, I’d call him…in the least, maybe he could hook you up with some sweet Beats headphones.
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  • Lauren Lehr This has happened on our city so often for the past 8 years that were told to call the police everytime.
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  • Sarah O’Leary Takacs Call craigslist
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  •  Lisa Hatfield LeQuire Most local realtor associations have atty’s. Call them.
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  •  Melony Hunter Baldwin Trulia and Zillow feed off of MLS. The agent can’t control the external links, but I would directly contact the sources to cease and desist.
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  •  Shavonne Hull I’ve had this happen way back in 2007 and they are still getting away with it!
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  •  David M. Seaton I’ve had it happen before on CL.. Most likely international (nigeria) and they are seeking tenants to send them 1st months rent / security deposit… not much you can do in terms of busting tbem, just don’t post full property details and flag their ads…
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  • Betty Aguilar Also set up Google alert of address if listing. You’ll receive a notification via email any time that address shows up on Internet. Report as spam to CL and trulia
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  • Tammy Hayes We call the local police and you should inform Trulia and Craigslist too.,
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  • Debbe Hynes I had 2 and reported directly to Zillow and Trulia, they took care of it on the spot.
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  • Regina Drury It’s hopeless. We tried to get someone on it but it was hopeless.
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  •  Michael A Trinchitella Yes it’s happening now on trulia all the time.
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  • Michael Childs Call the host services. They’ll take care of it. Don’t bother LE. They won’t/can’t do anything until someone is defrauded andthen they’ll just take a statement and file a report. 
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  • Michael Childs This TIP has been posted in this group and in other forums. I think it’s even on the NAR website. “Create “Google Alerts” for the property address, owners name, etc,”. Any new postings online will be reported to you in an email.
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  •  Tina Yeates Put your information all over the house. That’s how I caught the one who did it to me. The prospect saw my stuff saw something was fishy and called me
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  •  Suzanne Cunningham The police won’t do anything unless money changes hands. You can have the listing pulled.
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  •  Scott Kennedy Put a sign on the house that says if you are sending the deposit to a po box in dubi it’s a scam duh! 
    It amazes me how many people think you can get a 3000 sqft house for $750. Come on people think! See More
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  •  Mark Welker it happened to me, i first contacted the homeowner through the national database, and then reported it to the fbi…
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  •  Tammy Lankford report the ad, it gets taken down. Not much else can happen they are doing it from overseas and U.S. law enforcement can’t really do much
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  • Desiree Hennessey Maurer My experience is local law enforcement won’t do anything unless money is exchanged. There is an online page where you can report it to the FBI but unless it is a huge amount of money that has been taken, it won’t sit high on their priority list. ScamSee More
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  • Jona Jackie Briggs In another group here on FB, the owner of a property that is fraudulently listed on Craigslist post the fraud listing in the group and 20 people flag the listing. The owner lets the group know it has been pulled off Craigslist. It works really well. Better and faster then going through the authorities.
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  •  Nina Kraus I had that happen with Craigslist and it took my seller numerous calls to Craigslist to have it removed. It was not easy.
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