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What makes Brivity different from other CRMs?

In addition to powerful customer relationship management tools, Brivity also has transaction management, marketing tools and automatic client communication.

Is Brivity designed for teams or solo agents?

Both! Whether you are a solo agent or a team of 20, Brivity is for you. Brivity is designed to customize according to the needs of your business. For solo agents, Brivity will keep you on track with your business so that every client and lead is treated with the same attention to detail. For teams, Brivity gives visibility into tasks by team member, keeping everyone focused and coordinated.

What training and support do you offer?

To ensure Brivity customers have success with our products, we have a dedicated support phone line at 855-427-4848, as well as email and a support forum with articles and videos. We also offer an Advanced Admin Training Program with exclusive webinars, master classes, special action plans and high-converting email templates.

Is Brivity just for listings?

No. Brivity is for both buyers and sellers. With Brivity, you can track potential buyers, store notes on showings as well as store and manage documents, such as pre-approval letters and letters of intent. Once your buyers are ready to write an offer on their dream home, send daily emails, communicate with the lender, title/escrow or the agent on the other side. After the home closes, follow up with your clients so that you can always be their agent of choice.

Does Brivity include Lead Generation?

Yes. With Brivity, you can generate and follow-up with leads by creating auto drip email campaigns, get reminders when it’s time to call, text, facebook message or send a hand written note. Emails will automatically be sent on the day and time you choose. With Brivity, you can stay in constant contact with new leads, potential prospects as well as current and past clients.

Does Brivity integrate with other services?

Yes! Brivity Valuations and CRM are completely integrated, and there are dozens of possible Zapier integrations from MailChimp and BombBomb to Zillow and Google Contacts.