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Price Range

Freshsales is an easy-to-use, low-cost CRM that isn’t specifically designed for real estate but can be suited to real estate agent needs. It’s particularly desirable for its customization options and robust reporting but also includes marketing tools and lead assignment functionality. These features make Freshsales ideal for busy real estate offices and brokerages that want more control of the look and feel of their CRM and are interested in tools for agent management.

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales starts off with a Free Forever basic plan and upgrades to a feature-rich real estate CRM beginning at $19 per month or $12 per month with an annual contract. This is slightly cheaper than Wise Agent or LionDesk, and it comes with a 30-day free trial.

Free Forever

The Free Forever plan includes the basic elements of a real estate CRM, including pipeline management, deal checklists, a contact database, built-in phone, and lead tracking. You also have access to a built-in phone app. If you’re looking for a bare-bones option, the Free Forever might be all you need. However, if you want access to phone support, marketing tools, and reporting features, its Blossom or Garden plan will likely be a better fit.

The Freshsales Free Forever plan is right for agents who are starting out and want to begin tracking leads. It’s the ideal way to get a feel for a CRM without complex modules to complicate tracking processed or increasing cost. Plus, you can always upgrade when it comes time to add more features.

Blossom Tier

While the Free Forever plan includes the basic elements of a real estate CRM, the additional features in the Blossom tier include basic reporting, task lists, and email templates for easy setup of email marketing campaigns. The biggest missing feature is customization of the CRM to meet the agent and broker needs.

The Blossom tier is right for individual agents and small offices that need the basics in a real estate CRM with email marketing functionality and reporting at an affordable price point. The added marketing features for the Blossom tier makes connecting and staying engaged with leads easier and quicker.

Garden Tier

The Garden tier is where Freshsales adds customization to help agents create the ideal real estate CRM for their needs. With the ability to configure reports and forecast sales, the Garden tier adds the most flexibility of any of the Freshsales plans. The added ability to assign leads to different agents gives users extra control over the pipeline and the workflow process, similar to Pipedrive.

The Garden tier is a great option for agents or small agencies that are interested in spending more money to be able to customize their real estate CRM. From customizing lead streams to digging deeper into sales reporting and mapping key performance indicators (KPIs), this real estate CRM is packed with features that rival PropertyBase’s at a more reasonable price point.

Estate Tier

The Estate tier adds a few valuable features like social media profile enhancement, advanced reporting, and smart capture forms to pull new leads into the sales pipeline. Smart capture forms are particularly valuable in this plan; they tell brokers where a lead comes from so they can craft marketing campaigns more effectively to nurture them through the pipeline.

The Estate tier is right for brokers that want the ability to track contacts through the pipeline with enhanced reporting and lead capture opportunities. This type of data can also be useful for administrators who need an easy way to monitor the ROI on advertising investments. Pipedrive rises to the top of our list with reporting features, but Freshsales allows for more customization of reporting.

What Freshsales Is Missing

Freshsales does not have the real estate design of other realty-specific CRMs like LionDesk, Wise Agent, or PropertyBase, but the same features are available. If you’re keen on finding a real estate-specific CRM, then you might want to try one of the other options on this list because Freshsales customization might be time-consuming.

What Users Think About Freshsales

Most users expressed a positive experience with Freshsales, noting, however, that it required some upfront investment in customization. Other users noted that the quick learning curve and ability to hit the ground running were advantages of Freshsales due to its ease of use. Visit our Freshsales CRM review page to find out more.

Where to Find Freshsales

With the basic CRM features rolled into the Free Forever plan and a 30-day free trial, you can try Freshsales out for an extended period of time to find out if it is right for you. Visit Freshsales website today to find out more.