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Price Range

iHomeFinder is an IDX WordPress plugin with customization options that allow agents to give buyers almost countless search and display options starting at $44.95 per month. Some of the many search parameters include featured listings, open homes, and sold properties. With this versatility, iHomeFinder is best for agents who are interested in providing prospective buyers with many advanced search options to help them find their ideal home.

iHomeFinder Pricing

iHomeFinder pricing is $44.95/month for the Optima Pro plan, which includes customized property searches and lead capture forms. The Optima Power plan includes polygon map searches for $54.95/month. You can add drip email for $20/month. There is also a 10% discount for annual plans and a 30-day free trial.

iHomeFinder Features

iHomeFinder is focused on the agent’s ability to customize property search parameters to provide accurate results for buyers. The Optima Pro search package includes property searches by price, location, and open/closed/sold status. The advanced Optima Power search includes map and polygon searches. Customized IDX search gives buyers more options to find a property in a way that is comfortable to them.

Listing Maps & Property Search Customization

The basic search features of iHomeFinder are more advanced than any other on this list due to the amount of customization allowed. Agents can turn on/off filters, fields, and features by tweaking code. The universal search bar will enable buyers to type in an area, listing ID, or address to find properties. The expanded search gives buyers the ability to find houses that are open, pending, or sold. What search parameters are available is up to the agent using iHomeFinder.

Like IMPress, IHomeFinder allows users to register for an account so they can track listings in a specific area and favorite homes that appeal to them. This is very advantageous to agents who want to follow-up with additional information and targeted content to help move buyers closer to a sale.


iHomeFinder provides basic marketing features like branded emails and customized visitor registration emails. Agents can either integrate their existing email marketing platform like MailChimp through a WordPress plugin or purchase an added email automation feature to send out dedicated drip emails for $20 per month. IMPress and ShowcaseIDX are better choices if you need marketing drip emails or automation because these options are included.

Lead Generation & Management

Agents can integrate their favorite CRM into the iHomeFinder IDX WordPress plugin to help with user tracking and follow-up. Additionally, iHomeFinder is the only IDX WordPress plugin on our list that allows mobile lead alerts for agents and forwarding of contacts to the agent’s CRM for streamlined tracking of leads. Like IMPress, iHomeFinder will send emails to leads based on triggers like saving a property or logging back in to review properties.

iHomeFinder Ease of Use

iHomeFinder is not for the nontechnical, plug-and-play user. As with most plugins that allow for customization, some help may be needed to set up or use iHomeFinder features. If you want a simple, no-coding-required IDX WordPress plugin, then dsIDXpress is a better choice.

iHomeFinder Customer Service

Customer service is available through phone, email, and chat from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time during the week. There is an extensive knowledge base with YouTube how-to videos and recorded training webinars to help users with tasks and technical issues. iHomeFinder also supplies users with comprehensive documentation of their product and how to use it.

What iHomeFinder Is Missing

iHomeFinder—like Wovax—lacks simplicity. Most of the negative reviews about iHomeFinder stem from the complexity of customization and the need to make changes after a major update. Although iHomeFinder is not for the novice user, the ability to customize search parameters might draw some beginners to the platform.

What Users Think About iHomeFinder

G2 reviews show some people are unhappy about the number and extensiveness of iHomeFinder updates. Sometimes, these updates cause site functionality issues. Other reviewers note that the issues were slight and good customer service helped them navigate problems easily. The free trial should be used to make sure iHomeFinder is the right product for your needs.

Where to Find iHomeFinder

iHomeFinder’s ability to customize how users perform searches is critical for many agents who target demographics with unique and nuanced property needs. Learn more about iHomeFinder features and get its 30-day free trial to try it for yourself.