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Pipedrive is a full-featured real estate CRM starting at $15 per user with a visual overview of the entire sales pipeline that can be manipulated easily with drag-and-drop functionality. Pipedrive is perfect for “visual learners” — real estate agents who like a visual dashboard to quickly see where each lead is in the pipeline and drag-and-drop leads to new lead stages for easy management.

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive begins with the basic features of a real estate CRM at $15 per month, which is affordable compared to other solutions like PropertyBase. Each package becomes more attractive with an annual contract that saves the agent about 17% per month. With a 14-day free trial, you can test the features without risk easily.

Silver Tier

At the Silver tier subscription level, Pipedrive allows customization of the dashboard mixed with a streamlined pipeline view that gives real estate agents a clear and accurate picture of their sales opportunities. The Silver Tier also includes advanced reporting that includes the number of opportunities currently available, sales performance, and how many deals were won and lost.

The Silver tier package is perfect for individual real estate agents who want the power of reporting mixed with the basics of an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows you to take action and complete tasks quickly. With the ability to create calendar events and set follow-up reminders from one place, agents get an easy-to-manage real estate CRM at an affordable cost.

Gold Tier

The Gold tier is all about taking a step up from the daily sales process to build in marketing automation and allow buyers to schedule their own meetings with you through online forms. Gold Tier marketing tools include user-triggered emails and text messages as well as drip email campaigns and autoresponders.

The Gold tier is right for busy real estate agents who want to customize their marketing efforts and get rid of repetitive tasks that eat up time. With automated emails and follow-ups combined with the ability for buyers to schedule their own meetings, you are free to move on to closing more sales.

Platinum Tier

The Platinum tier allows administrators to create team tasks and reports to measure performance against goals. The forecast feature gives you the ability to see revenue predictions based on marketing and advertising efforts. Additional features like customized permissions and single sign-on give administrators the power to analyze the way a company works, from lead capture to completed sale.

The Platinum tier is right for agencies and brokerages that need the ability to track leads, while also managing the performance of individual agents, teams, and the company as a whole. It can be used easily by both individual agents within a company and by administrators who need to create robust sales reports and forecasts.

What Pipedrive Is Missing

Pipedrive is a lead tracking system. Real estate-specific marketing templates, drip campaigns designed for real estate agents, and lead generation tools are missing. For those seeking a CRM that is designed for the real estate industry, you might want to try Realvolve, Wise Agent, or LionDesk.

What Users Think About Pipedrive

Most users are happy with the way that Pipedrive presents information in a clear, visual way that cuts down on searching through menus or looking for ways to complete tasks. Some Pipedrive users were dissatisfied with the lack of scalability, such as the ease of upgrading from one plan to another. So, if this is an issue, then you might want to try a team-based solution like PropertyBase. Visit our Pipedrive review page to find out more about what users think.

Where to Find Pipedrive

Visit Pipedrive online and click on “Pricing” in the footer to learn more about available plans. You can also try out Pipedrive with its 14-day free trial and test all of the features for yourself. Visit Pipedrive today to sign up or find out more.