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Price Range

RealScout is a $39 per month frameable IDX solution that offers advanced tools and alerts for registered buyers to take their search to the next level. This plugin also allows agents to follow up with leads who have registered for information about a property. Given this functionality, RealScout is ideal for agents who want to move buyers closer to a purchase quickly with follow-up emails.

RealScout Pricing

RealScout pricing starts at $39 per month. The price drops to $33.25 per month with an annual contract. Agents can sign up for a 14-day free trial to test the property change alerts, side-by-side home comparisons, and other plugin features.

RealScout Features

In addition to basic search functionality, RealScout provides a unique after-search user experience with comparison tools so buyers can put two houses side-by-side. By using this comparison feature, called collaborative home search, potential buyers can comparison shop before contacting the agent. Additionally—and perhaps most notably—RealScout includes marketing integrations for CRMs and email platforms that allow for easy agent follow-up.

Listing Maps & Property Search Customization

The collaborative home search feature of RealScout takes window shopping to a new level. This unique offering allows buyers to compare one property to another to see how each one stacks up. By giving potential buyers the ability to make a side-by-side comparison, they can see the features they want, which moves them along in the buying process.


The marketing in RealScout is available through third-party apps. Marketing integrations include MailChimp, Follow Up Boss, Facebook, and Real Geeks. Not only are agents able to use these to generate leads, but they can use them to follow up with targeted email campaigns and information about listing changes.

Lead Generation & Management

The leads for RealScout are delivered into the backend of an agent’s WordPress website. However, like ShowcaseIDX, RealScout allows you to connect your Zillow, Trulia,, and Real Geeks lead generation tools to manage all leads in one place. If you want to streamline your efforts without overloading on tools, then RealScout would be a better choice than ShowcaseIDX.

RealScout Ease of Use

The word reviewers often use to describe the RealScout user interface is “sleek.” It is easy to use on the front-end for the buyer and the backend for the agent. Installation is easy, and deployment is simple. It might take a few tweaks to get the filters and fields you want, but no one reported this as an issue.

RealScout Customer Service

RealScout customer service is available through phone and email during the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time. There is also a library of online customer tutorial videos and training webinars available to help agents with plugin setup and use.

What RealScout Is Missing

The only thing that RealScout is missing is the customization of fields and filters. Most WordPress IDX plugins allow for some customization to suit agents’ needs, but RealScout falls way short of the customization afforded by Wovax or iHomeFinder.

What Users Think About RealScout

Users on Facebook love RealScout. The reviews commonly note that the product works great for real estate agents. Additionally, comments reveal an increase in user engagement after switching to RealScout from other IDX plugins. Learn more about RealScout reviews and pricing.

Where to Find RealScout

RealScout provides unique after-search tools like a comparison of homes to increase engagement and contact. What’s more, agents can follow up with targeted content easily using third-party integrations. Get your free 14-day free trial to find out more about the features.

RealScout – one more search engine for real estate agents. If to compare with omnipotent Trulia and Zillow, RealScout is a much smaller one, but it has one huge benefit – this portal offers its users the equal chances by providing them with a potent tool for e-toolboxes. RealScout helps to close more deals by optimizing its search with buyer data-driven technology. It can serve both as the best brokers app and the essential tool for agents.

Despite RealScout is far from being the larger search engine for real estate industry, it is going to join the top-10 list in the foreseeable future. Using this platform real estate agents are allowed to brand themselves through the internet for $79 per month only.

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