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ShowcaseIDX is a WordPress IDX plugin that excels by offering extensive third-party integrations. Boasting a library of more than 1,000 Zapier app integrations, ShowcaseIDX works with multiple CRM, lead generation, analytics, and marketing applications to streamline your efforts starting at $59.95/month. This makes it an ideal solution for agents with existing third-party marketing and lead generation solutions who want to bring everything into one platform.

ShowcaseIDX Pricing

Pricing for ShowcaseIDX starts at $59.95/month, but you can get two months free with an annual contract. There is a no-credit card 30-day free trial with full features to test out the plugin. Lead capture, CRM, and lead management tools can be added through Zapier.

ShowcaseIDX Features

ShowcaseIDX created a large database of third-party apps that easily integrate into the WordPress IDX plugin to create a seamless and insightful experience for the agent. With email, digital advertising, pipeline management, and social media tracking available, agents can follow leads from acquisition to sale with countless software connections.

Listing Maps & Property Search Customization

ShowcaseIDX includes all of the basic search parameters like price, location, size, and type of property. The standout feature here, however, is polygon map search; in iHomeFinder, agents have to sign up for a premium-tier package to get this functionality. Using this feature, users can use their finger or a mouse to draw a shape around the area they want to search.


ShowcaseIDX includes many of the initial email responders like welcome emails and triggers seen in IMPress and iHomeFinder. The true power of ShowcaseIDX, however, is being able to add your favorite email program to stay connected to your leads throughout the buying cycle. Whether you use a dedicated email program like LionDesk or a lead generation system with an email program like Market Leader, your leads do not get lost in your marketing efforts.

The ShowcaseIDX WordPress plugin also includes some robust tracking features through integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Lead events tracking. Adding these social and digital marketing analytics to your reports can give you a more comprehensive understanding of how well your website is converting searchers to leads.

Lead Generation & Management

ShowcaseIDX does include a built-in CRM, but it’s recommended you integrate your own through Zapier. Agents using popular CRMs like Pipedrive or Freshsales to manage their workflow can integrate with ShowcaseIDX easily for greater efficiency. What’s more, the plugin also allows agents to route leads to individual agents automatically or set up a “round-robin” to distribute leads to the next agent on a list.

ShowcaseIDX Integration through Zapier (image via website)

ShowcaseIDX Ease of Use

Installation of the ShowcaseIDX WordPress plug is easy, but setup and deployment require technical knowledge. ShowcaseIDX WordPress IDX plug uses insights, analytics, and pixel codes to track performance and buying behavior. These tracking metrics for lead management can be difficult to understand or use for inexperienced agents.

ShowcaseIDX Customer Service

Customer service is available during the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time through email, chat, and phone. The chatbot notes that customer service answers questions in the order received, usually within 10 minutes. Reviews note that customer service is excellent for ShowcaseIDX.

What ShowcaseIDX Is Missing

ShowcaseIDX is missing simplicity. Unlike dsIDXpress, ShowcaseIDX uses integrations to identify, connect, track, and measure each lead in the sales funnel. This level of detail can be overwhelming to beginners and difficult to implement.

What Users Think About ShowcaseIDX

The reviews for ShowcaseIDX are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers on G2 and WordPress note that clients love their property search functionality. Users seem to love ShowcaseIDX for its robust search features. Find out more about ShowcaseIDX reviews and pricing.

Where to Find ShowcaseIDX

ShowcaseIDX plugin gives agents the ability to connect with potential buyers at all stages of the sales process thanks to extensive integrations via Zapier. Get your free 30-day free trial to test all ShowcaseIDX features.