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Wise Agent CRM is an industry-leading real estate CRM, noted for both its comprehensive features and affordability. It provides lead tracking and pipeline management, along with marketing tools like email campaign creation. Wise Agent is particularly unique because it provides these features — as well as reporting — for a low per-user fee. Given these standout offerings, we believe Wise Agent is the best CRM solution for real estate agents who are just starting out and are likely operating on a limited budget.

Wise Agent Pricing

Wise Agent is affordably priced at $29 per user, per month with a complimentary one-on-one onboarding after a free 30-day trial period. If you choose to sign an annual contract, the price drops to $25 per user, per month. There is custom pricing available for large groups and teams under its Enterprise program.

Wise Agent Features

Wise Agent does a good job of packing features into a single pricing tier. These features include email marketing, a team calendar, landing pages, document storage, robust reporting, and more. Unlike other real estate CRMs like PropertyBase, Wise Agent provides all of the features real estate agents need to engage with their leads without adding layers of complexity or cost.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Like PropertyBase and Realvolve, Wise Agent is designed with email templates and autoresponders that are easy to set up with an intuitive editor. Drip marketing email campaigns deployed at set intervals keep leads involved in the buying cycle, while emails triggered by user behavior — like a visitor clicking on a property within the agent’s website — can send them more information about listings or encourage them to schedule a viewing automatically.

Team-friendly Calendar

Keeping the whole real estate team on the same page is easy with the Wise Agent team calendar. You can sync calendars easily for all users in an agency and check the availability of other team members. This keeps the whole team on the same page. The Wise Agent calendar also syncs with your Google calendar.

Landing Pages

Wise Agent customizable landing pages — created using simple templates and a drag-and-drop editor — give agents the ability to create listing-specific pages which can collect lead information. Customizing these pages is easy with the image and text modules that are included. Additionally, Wise Agent includes robust lead capture forms and offers users the ability to link their own domain names to individual landing pages.

Social Media Enhancement

Wise Agent social media contact enhancement uses the email addresses of new leads to search through social media profiles. If matching profiles are found, the CRM pulls forward information on lead relationships, location, demographic data, and more. This information can then be used for targeted ad creation and marketing campaigns.

Document Storage

Frequently used documents, presentations, and files can be stored for quick access on the Wise Agent dashboard. All users get unlimited storage, so it’s easy to use this feature for sharing files with users and centralizing all documents needed for transactions. LionDesk similarly offers unlimited document storage.


At the top of the Wise Agent dashboard are category buttons that can be used to build a report. Report categories include completed activities, emails sent, leads, team efforts, and goals. Although the reporting is not as detailed as Freshsales or PropertyBase, the basic metrics help agents analyze sales and rework goals.

Third-party Integration

It is obvious that third-party integration was carefully incorporated into the DNA of Wise Agent. The list of tools that interface with Wise Agent includes Mailchimp, Zillow, Zapier, G Suite, Facebook, Twitter, and BombBomb — among many others. To integrate these platforms, real estate agents can click the “Integrations” tab in the top menu, and then click on the third-party options that match their needs.

Ease of Use

Although the platform can seem slightly dated with old layouts and dashboards, Wise Agent is intuitive without sacrificing features. It combines the visual nature of Pipedrive with the performance of PropertyBase to make daily use easy. You don’t have to go through several screens or different modules to get the information you want, and many actions can be completed without leaving the dashboard.

Customer Support

The first step in using Wise Agent is a complimentary one-on-one onboarding for all accounts. In addition to this, Wise Agent offers 24/7 support with every package, which goes beyond other solutions like PropertyBase. If customer support with online videos and training are an important part of your success, then Wise Agent is a good choice.

What Wise Agent Is Missing

Wise Agent is missing lead generation and advertising capabilities. This is a common trait of most real estate CRMs, but it is a problem that’s solved by integrating a third-party lead generation solution like BoldLeads or Real Geeks.

What Users Think About Wise Agent

The majority of users felt that Wise Agent was easy to use at a great price. There were some notes indicating the interface seemed dated to users who were accustomed to sleek platforms like Pipedrive, but users also reported that Wise Agent was the best value for the money.

Where to Find Wise Agent

Visit the Wise Agent website to find out more about its features and services. Click on “Pricing” in the top menu bar to review available packages. You can also use the 30-day free trial offer to see if Wise Agent is a good fit for your real estate office.