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Wovax, LLC
Price Range

Wovax is an IDX WordPress plug with enhanced SEO features to help property listings and, consequently, an agent’s website, rank higher in search results. Priced from $35 to $70 per month, Wovax uploads listing as individual pages automatically, which can be optimized for Google searches. This makes Wovax best for agents wanting built-in tools to increase the ranking of their website.

Wovax Pricing

Wovax pricing starts at $35 per month for an MLS feed of properties. If you need a customizable WordPress website and IDX plugin, the price increases to $70 per month. There is a free 30-day demo of the Wovax IDX WordPress plugin to help evaluate features.

Wovax Features

Wovax is a WordPress IDX plugin that is designed around increasing search engine rankings for agent websites. While dsIDXpress and ShowcaseIDX include basic SEO features, Wovax is built around the idea that SEO aids with lead generation and agent brand awareness. Wovax creates each property listing as a separate page on your site automatically, each of which can be optimized using tags and keywords, increasing the website’s overall ranking.

Listing Maps & Property Search Customization

Wovax understands—like dsIDXpress—that Google Maps and Google Street View are interfaces buyers are comfortable using. Therefore, maps of listings are presented using Google’s tools. The major standout feature of Wovax listings, however, is the search functionality. It can be customized to align with MLS-specific property features.


Wovax does not offer marketing tools like IMPress or RealScout but, instead, depends on other WordPress plugins for marketing functionality. This can be a hassle when building your WordPress website as it requires finding and installing separate plugins for email, contact management, and lead generation.

Lead Generation & Management

The Wovax lead capture forms are highly customizable to get just the information you are seeking from buyers. When a lead fills out a form, their information is captured in your WordPress dashboard. This can be exported and used in third-party marketing platforms. If a CRM or lead management tools are necessary inclusions in your IDX plugin, then ShowcaseIDX or RealScout are better choices.

Wovax Ease of Use

Wovax is more complicated than other WordPress IDX plugins on our list because it includes extensive fields designed to improve both individual listing and sitewide SEO. Wovax is not complicated for users who are familiar with the WordPress platform, but the beginner user without an understanding of the layout, SEO, or coding might struggle to take full advantage of Wovax’s features.

Wovax Customer Service

Wovax includes an impressive online document and support database covering everything from basic installation to advanced shortcodes. Additionally, email and chat customer service are available during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. Wovax boasts true “human support” on these channels, and reviews indicate that it is knowledgeable and fast.

What Wovax Is Missing

Wovax is missing a nontechnical way for agents to add listings to their website. Although Wovax will create a new page for each property listing automatically, using more advanced features to set up search parameters and design might require a real estate WordPress website designer from freelance sites like Fiverr. If you need simplicity, then dsIDXpress or IDXBroker are better choices with user-friendly interfaces and no coding required.

What Users Think About Wovax

The five reviews of Wovax on the WordPress website all rave about the ease of use, installation, and customer service. The reviewers, who are primarily professional website designers and developers, note that editing the cascading style sheets (CSS) and scripts were easy. The main praise was that their entire real estate websites, including properties, were getting indexed and ranked by Google.

Where to Find Wovax

Wovax is a real estate IDX WordPress plugin focused on SEO and helping properties move up in search results. You can take advantage of the 30-day free demo to test Wovax’s features before committing to a monthly payment plan.