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Price Range

LionDesk is a real estate CRM with advanced marketing technology like video emails and texts. Additional innovative marketing tools that set it apart include social media lookup of new leads, click-to-call functionality, and text-to-sell codes, which allow you to connect with leads easily. The LionDesk CRM starts at $25 per user and is best for agents and realty offices comfortable with technology and interested in marketing via their CRM.

LionDesk Pricing

LionDesk offers a free 30-day trial to test features. Thereafter, pricing starts at $25 per user, per month for the Pro Plan and moves up to $49 per user, per month for the Pro Plus plan, which includes additional features. Custom pricing is available for larger teams at the Enterprise plan level.

LionDesk Features

Many real estate CRMs include contact databases, pipeline management, email drip campaigns, and auto-responders. LionDesk adds to these baseline features by including dynamic video emails, video texts, and click-to-call features.

Email & Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Real estate agents can customize their LionDesk email and social marketing campaigns to share information with a buyer, like new property listings, based on buyer preferences and search habits. Unlike any other CRM on the list, LionDesk allows videos to be added to email templates to personalize the buyer experience with messages from the agent or walkthroughs of a property.

Users can also use LionDesk to create specialized codes and phone numbers that can be used for specific email and text message campaigns. This allows agents to track lead communication more easily. Also, LionDesk can create local area code phone numbers for agents so that they can keep their own phone number private.

Team-Friendly Calendar

LionDesk has a friendly team and individual calendars that allow agents to set reminders for follow-ups. This feature is available with Wise Agent at about the same price point but is more complex in LionDesk. If technology is a pressure point for your real estate organization, Wise Agent is probably a better option.

Landing Pages

Despite the incredible features of LionDesk, internet data exchange (IDX)-enabled landing pages are not included in the CRM. If you already have a website and you want to add enhanced marketing features, then LionDesk is a good choice. For agents that want a one-stop approach to their real estate business that includes an IDX website or landing pages, then PropertyBase or Wise Agent are better choices.

Social Media Enhancement

Using lead email addresses, LionDesk can search social profiles in LinkedIn and Facebook to find more information about a lead. This information is then added to the lead contact card in LionDesk CRM to help real estate agents with their marketing efforts. If you want a less technologically complex real estate CRM, then Wise Agent or Realvolve would be better.

Document Storage

Agents can keep materials in LionDesk’s document storage for easy, continuous access. Similar to Wise Agent, LionDesk CRM provides 200MB to 1GB of storage, depending on your plan. This storage is ideal for holding videos for emails, images of properties, or various other multimedia that you plan to use in marketing campaigns.


LionDesk has a robust reporting structure for daily use and long-term forecasting. With reporting that mirrors Pipedrive, Freshsales, and PropertyBase, LionDesk boasts an easy-to-understand and customized reporting dashboard that shows sales by contact channel, leads by source, expected sales, pipeline stage, activity log, and email metrics. If sales reporting is important to your office, then LionDesk is a good real estate CRM option for you.

Third-party Integration

By integrating well-known real estate and standard third-party solutions like Facebook ads, Zapier, Real Geeks, Zillow, Trulia, and, LionDesk is expanding the big sales picture by capturing all leads from multiple lead generation sources in one place. LionDesk, like Zillow Concierge, also contacts each new lead with a customized auto-responder to ensure they remain engaged.

Ease of Use

LionDesk is very easy to use with an intuitive visual display that balances tasks with reporting features and a to-do list that doesn’t get in the way of usability. Similar to Wise Agent, the LionDesk dashboard feels sleek and modern with a design similar to popular email or web browsing platforms. Like Pipedrive, it’s easy to click around in LionDesk and figure out actions without the need for instruction.

Customer Support

Similar to Realvolve and Wise Agent, LionDesk offers email and phone support five days a week from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific time. Inside the dashboard, there is a chat module for asking questions and all accounts start with a free onboarding call to help real estate agents make the most of their CRM.

What LionDesk Is Missing

LionDesk CRM is missing out-of-the-box usability. The LionDesk interface feels more like Realvolve or Wise Agent with some lifting for customization, but the customer service is available to help get you started. If quick setup is an issue, then you might want to examine other options like Pipedrive.

What Users Think About LionDesk

Reviewers agree that the setup of LionDesk requires a time investment, but most also agreed that it was well worth the effort for the features to be of full benefit. Similar to advocates of Wise Agent, users thought that LionDesk was an exceptional real estate CRM for the price point. Check out some LionDesk reviews for more information.

Where to Find LionDesk

Visit LionDesk’s website to find out more about its robust real estate CRM. Click on “Pricing” in the top menu for full plan information. You can test out LionDesk with its free 30-day trial and get a feel for all of the features.