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Propertybase, Inc
Price Range

PropertyBase CRM is a real estate-specific CRM starting at $79 per user, complete with IDX-integration, robust sales reporting, and transaction recording. Its standout feature, however, is its integration with Salesforce. Due to this advanced functionality, PropertyBase is best for users who already use Salesforce to manage leads and need to combine it with a real estate-specific CRM for marketing and additional pipeline tracking.

PropertyBase Pricing

PropertyBase is a higher-priced real estate CRM for larger, Salesforce-familiar teams that starts at $79 per user, per month. Unlike other CRMs, all packages are billed yearly, and there is a minimum of four users, so making good use of the 14-day free trial to examine features is very important.

Small Team & Company Tiers

The biggest difference between the Small Team tier and the Company tier is the minimum seats required for participation. With the same features, including drip email campaigns, document management, website, sales tracking, lead management, and transaction recording, it really comes down to price.

If you have a team of three people and pay the user fee annually for the Small Team tier, then the cost is $3,564 yearly as opposed to the Company tier for four users costing $3,792 per year. For teams that are using Salesforce as a base and want this turnkey real estate CRM solution, the PropertyBase Small Team and Company tiers are worthy of review.

Enterprise Tier

PropertyBase Enterprise offers commission portals for agents, franchise management modules to make licensing run smoothly, unlimited media storage for ease of asset access, and a deeper financial picture via sales reporting and forecasting. The Enterprise plan takes companies into a fully developed sales and lead-tracking real estate CRM with an emphasis on business management modules.

Larger real estate agencies or realty offices with a franchise investment to monitor will appreciate the extra features included in the Enterprise tier of PropertyBase. This extra business tracking functionality offers a complete picture of company successes and failures.

PropertyBase Customer Support

PropertyBase offers customer support through trouble tickets and an online library referred to as Self-Support. Unlike Wise Agent or LionDesk, representatives can take up to 48 hours to respond. Given the complexity of the system, if customer support is an issue for you or your team, then you might want to look for another option.

What PropertyBase Is Missing

PropertyBase is priced above other more user-friendly options like Wise Agent due to the minimum user restriction. The PropertyBase CRM might include teams as small as three people, but individual agents will find this a costly option when compared to LionDesk CRM, Pipedrive, or Freshsales.

What Users Think About PropertyBase

Some users noted dissatisfaction with the learning curve associated with the various modules in PropertyBase and slow customer support. Other users expressed their happiness with the features and all-inclusive nature of the platform of PropertyBase. Find out more on our PropertyBase CRM review page.

Where to Find PropertyBase

Check out PropertyBase’s website to see how its CRM might work for your realty office. Click on “Request Demo” in the header menu for a look at all of the features. There is also a 14-day free trial available to new users who want to see if PropertyBase is right for their team.